Sunday, March 31, 2013


requirements: root

this is an alternative app to Rebooter, Sd-booster, Screen-off and lock, Torch,
EasyTouch, and AdrenalineBoost_V3 applications/scripts.
this is your 6-in-1 minimalist app, no ads, no bloatwares. Just simply your phone's bestfriend :)

To upgrade/uninstall:
goto Settings>Security>Device Administrators, then deactivate A919Tool.
you can now uninstall the app in Settings>Apps.

The 2 services used by the app only consumes 3.8Mb (small memory footprint)

  • Toggle on/off Capacitive LED buttons (saves your phone's precious battery juice).

  • Toggle on/off Quadrant I/O-nizer (placebo for those folks who likes to brag a high quadrant score).
(run your quadrant-standard/advanced-app after activating)

  • Reboot, Reboot to Recovery, and Shutdown function.

  • Screen Off function (to enable screen off feature, app must be given device admin permission to lock screen.  goto Settings>Security>Device Administrators).

  • SD Card Read Ahead Cache value setter

  • Autorun feature and Autorun notification icon in toolbar :)
  (note: Autorun service in memory is de-allocated as required by
Android OS, no need to force kill it, if you don't want the
service to run on boot, just uncheck 'Run on startup' in the app's settings)

  • Added Screen-Off Button (Overlay) so you can turn off your screen using any homescreen of your launcher. (medyo dumugo ilong ko dito hehe)

  • Flashlight function.

  • HyperAccelerate (boost free RAM).  Replacement for the cumbersome AdrenalineBoost_V3 and ! (V6 SuperCharger). No need for flashing via CWM or running via Terminal/Console.  Instantly free up RAM with just a click of a button :D  NOTE: this is NOT yet another task killer application, it's a totally different app feature that reclaims RAM without killing running apps and services.

  • Nitrous Oxide Service (HyperAccelerate On-Demand), Boost RAM whenever, wherever :)

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